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December 18, 2020

You know the drill. If you have external symptoms: people treat you with pity, worry; like you’re sick. And if you don’t? People behave like MS isn’t a real disease because of its invisibility. Talk about a lose/lose Hold up, wait a minute, there’s a better way Around here we dignify you, support you, and […]

What it feels like to have MS
Why We Crave Sugar
Going Gluten Free
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I'm alene!

I’m Alene, Nutrition Coach and your MS sister. I created this online haven to empower you to heal and inspire you to thrive with MS! Make yourself at home and become a regular!


Become an Empowered Patient

Yes, Empower Me!

Go into your appointments feeling focused and confident so you can collaborate with your doctor.

You know the drill.

If you have external symptoms: people treat you with pity, worry; like you’re sick.

And if you don’t? People behave like MS isn’t a real disease because of its invisibility.

Talk about a lose/lose
Hold up, wait a minute, there’s a better way
Around here we dignify you, support you, and
work together to heal you.Because MS looks different for everyone, but the great news? So does empowerment. So does independence. So does taking back the reins on your life and achieving your Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

Real talk: Eating “healthy” has become really darn complicated. And if you’ve been
diagnosed with MS (or another one of the 100+ autoimmune diseases), you probably don’t have the energy or the time to figure out what are the best foods to restore your health. So, you don’t need to read another article online, or try another fad, you need a tried, true method to nourish yourself healthy.Ding ding ding: that’s what we do around here. I got you!


Private Nutritional

One healthy serving of chronic inspiration comin’ right up.

We’re talkin’ a comprehensive program that will address everything from diet and lifestyle to emotional support. It’s the perfect recipe of education and accountability.

My goal is to arm you with everything you need to know so that you’re independently empowered as quickly as possible to take the reins on your health.

We’ll go way (way) beyond, “more veggies and avoid processed food!” and into the glorious land of deeply understanding nutrition and how it pertains to your unique body, symptoms, and needs.

What you get

You’ll leave our time together knowing:

  • How to feed yourself resilient through healing foods
  • An array of cost-saving strategies so your grocery bill doesn’t break the bank
  • Tips on how to become your own healing chef with minimal time and energy in the kitchen
  • How to take this lifestyle on the road for your travels and social life (or when you’re in bed without the energy to go anywhere #beenthere).

OH AND PLUS we will laugh together, cry, or some wild combination of both— because this stuff is personal, and you need someone alongside you who not just gets it, but wants to help you get beyond it.

Join the Waitlist

The most comprehensive membership program for designing YOUR healing journey to reverse autoimmune disease. This is your opportunity to finally put into action what you’ve known you needed to do for a long time.

Connect with Alene and a worldwide community of like-minded warriors who actually “get it” so you never feel alone in this journey. Together we learn in monthly masterclasses and cooking demos, discover simple recipes and connect in group coaching calls. It’s time to take action in a supportive community where we make the process fun and delicious!

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Less Pharm More Table Learning Lab

Book Club

Less Pharm More Table

Did you know there’s a community of fellow warriors reading the Wahls Protocol™ book together?

We crack open this big book to finally uncover what functional medicine is saying about healing autoimmune disease and identify the steps we can take today to support our own healing.

It’s free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, like…

  • Weekly live discussions with Alene – a Wahls Certified Health Practitioner – for a simplified understanding of the Protocol.
  • Interactive learning and accountability so you’re putting the knowledge into action.
  • Private Facebook Group so you’re surrounded by fellow Wahls Warriors who are in this with you.

P.S. We host free monthly cooking events too!

I Want In!

What others are saying

Alene was truly a life saver. I knew I needed the help of a nutritionist, but I didn’t know where to start or what to ask for. Alene helped me to make lifelong changes. Her caring prompt follow up and nutritious recipes saved my life, and I am so grateful to have had the privilege to work with her.
– Joelle E.
I was frustrated and bored eating the same foods. I needed more recipes, meal ideals and even some desserts! Working with Alene was an incredible experience. She is a wealth of information and provides lots of resources – especially recipes and cooking demos!
– Felix A.
I was so overwhelmed in knowing what to eat to manage MS. Alene helped me to turn this overwhelm into a sense of adventure. Now, I not only know what to eat, but I also know how to plan my meals and how to cook these new foods. I love her cooking shows!
– Susan W.
After two months of working with Alene, I started to feel steadier, I slept better, I was more mentally alert, and I often felt totally MS-free. Alene gave me invaluable support when I needed it most. I will be forever grateful to her.
– Michael N.
Alene has helped me understand health and food in a way that no one has before. Since working with Alene I have lost 17 pounds slowly and safely. I no longer need motility medications, and I have resolved my symptoms. The changes in my diet and my life are remarkable and I can’t overstate it enough, it has been life changing for me.
– Andrea G.
I was getting debilitating migraines and struggling to understand what was causing them. Alene helped me to identify my triggers and she showed me how to eliminate them. Because of our work together, I was able to eliminate the migraines and ultimately, get back to being the Mom I want to be.
– Amy B.
I have lost 80lbs working with Alene and I continue to follow the path that she has set for me. Alene provides you with the best options for your personal needs and cares so much about “YOU” as an individual. I would never work with anyone else. You will have nothing but success if you work with Alene. She is your guide to a happier and healthier life.
– MaryBeth C.
I couldn’t seem to keep up with the shopping, cooking, and the culinary creativity required to keep diet-friendly food available at all times. I was overwhelmed by the number of diets out there and was going in circles trying to figure out which foods were right for me. The very first week I started to work with Alene I felt more confident. With our continued work, I’m having fewer migraines, feel better rested, and more optimistic about my future.
– Jen H.

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I'm Alene, your MS Sister.

When I was diagnosed with MS in 2016, I was scared and felt alone. But as a Nutrition Coach, I knew there was more to healing than what I was being told. I took action and within six months the lesions I had on my brain shrunk and went inactive. Now, seven years later there has been no new lesions and no new activity. As a nutritionist specializing in multiple sclerosis, I help women take back control of their future.

That’s my story, but I’m not alone. It's your turn to start Thriving with MS. I’m here to show you the way. 

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I’m Alene, nutritionist specializing in multiple sclerosis and your MS sister. I created this online haven to empower you to heal and inspire you to thrive with MS!

Alene Brennan

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