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Which is the right diet to follow for autoimmune disease?

July 20, 2020

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Which is the right diet to follow for autoimmune disease?

The decision can be overwhelming and confusing. Tune in for how to simplify the process so you can start taking action and getting results.


The decision can be overwhelming and confusing.

Let’s dive into how to simplify the process so you can start taking action and getting results.

Okay, so you want to manage your symptoms through diet and lifestyle but you don’t know which protocol to follow, right?

The more research you do, the more confused you get because some of the diets contradict one another, right?

So you’re just left feeling overwhelmed and at a standstill… most often standing in fear because the disease feels like a freight train closing in on you and you want to maintain your lead.

I hear you.

In fact I hear about this struggle every single day.

And I get it because I was in those same shoes.

You want to commit to a diet but not wasn’t 100% certain which is the right one, so you haven’t started yet.

Let’s talk about how to find your starting point.

This is going to be different for each person because everyone’s starting point is different because everyone has a different state of health and current style of eating.

Some may be newly diagnosed versus others who have been living with a diagnosis for decades.

Some may be coming from the standard American diet while others may be long time vegetarians.

So there is no single recommendation that will work for everyone.

Take the pressure off yourself that there is one guaranteed path that everyone else has figured out but you.

We’re all in this together.

We’re all trying to figure this out as we go.

We’re all just doing our best in this given moment.

There are however some steps that I want to share with you that can help guide you through the process of getting started.

Shorten Your Research

You may be surprised to hear this suggestion, but yes, I’m suggesting that you do LESS research.

Let me explain.

Research is important. I am not denying that. However, most people get lost in the endless searches on the internet and never make a decision.

In the process you’re losing valuable time for healing.

Give yourself a defined period of time – a weekend, a week, a month max – to research the top three diets you’re considering for example the Wahls Protocol, Autoimmune Protocol and Swank Diet.

If you need to, write a pros and cons list or simply decide which is most compelling to you. Then make the decision to start.

Commit to that protocol for three to six months and pay attention to the results.
If after that time you’re feeling benefits but not 100% where you want to be, perhaps you give it more time or see if you can enhance your adherence to the protocol.

If you’re not seeing any results, perhaps you consider another diet. You’ve gained information by trying one approach, so this gives you the opportunity to compare it to another if needed.

But if I can give you a loving nudge, you have to make a decision to do something. Remaining at a standstill of not doing anything isn’t helping you. I say this with the most compassion because I know the initial overwhelm. I felt it too. But honestly, by making a decision and starting to take action it actually can ease that overwhelm.

This leads to my next recommendation in getting started.

Progress Over Perfection

To start you don’t have to be perfect.

Break it down to what feels manageable for you.

If you’re dealing with MS or even migraines, pretty much all dietary approaches recommend eliminating gluten and dairy. So don’t worry about all the other steps, just focus on eliminating gluten and dairy. Once you’ve mastered that you can take on the next step.

If you’re dealing with SIBO, perhaps you simply focus on having three meals a day and eliminating snacks between meals.

Drop the idea that you have to do it perfectly to start.

Break it down to one actionable step and focus on that until it becomes an easy habit. Then take the next step and so on.

Get Support

Living with a chronic illness can feel incredibly isolating.

So add a restrictive diet into the mix and it can feel even more isolating.

But remember that you are not in this alone.

There are tens of thousands of autoimmune warriors around the world who are taking action through diet and lifestyle to manage their symptoms.

And there are many health coaches who are guiding this community along the way too.

Those that connect in with a community or support are far more likely to be successful.

There are online social media communities that are free, there’s many group coaching programs you can participate in, or there’s private coaching.

The resources are available for you.

If you want to learn more about my group coaching program, you can see all the details and register at www.alenebrennan.com/membership.

Most of all, I encourage you to identify one thing that you’ve taken from this discussion and put it into action today.

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