It’s Time to Turn the Tables on MS

Ready to use nourishing food to heal your body & chronic inspiration to empower your life?

Hi, I’m Alene

and I’m a part of the, “women are 2-3Xs more likely to be diagnosed with MS” statistic. But I’m much more than a number and

I created this haven as a source of chronic inspiration;

as away to teach those with Multiple Sclerosis (and other autoimmune diseases) how to use food as a form of medicine — or as I like to say, go from pharm to table — and to experience freedom and empowerment.
So, if you’re ready to learn how to become MSIndependent,
and heal out loud … this is for you.
You may notice that things are a bit more lighthearted around here than you’re used to when talking about MS. I realized early on that humor and honesty helped soften the blow and normalize my diagnosis. It’s also a big part of how I plan on changing the conversation and dropkicking the stigma of this misunderstood disease….so that all across the world we can rise up together and say,

This is what MS looks like


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