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August 11, 2023

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Harvard studies probiotics engineered to treat Multiple Sclerosis.

Researchers at Harvard designed a probiotic that could potentially treat Multiple Sclerosis. Yup, you heard that right, this “multiple sclerosis probiotics” could be the future of treatments for MS. It offers a more precise way to target brain inflammation, while minimizing negative side effects compared with traditional medications.

If you’re like me, every time a new study emerges, your heart skips a beat with hope.

Could this be the game-changer?

Harvard says it’s a promising treatment and based on their report, I agree!

Let’s break it down.

Engineered Probiotic for Multiple Sclerosis

What exactly are “engineered probiotics?”

Probiotics have been creating a buzz for a while now.

Many of us – myself included – have been taking probiotic supplements to improve gut health. We know that there’s a strong connection between the gut and the brain. We also know that those diagnosed with MS tend to have a different microbiome than the “average” person.

So, it makes sense that Harvard is deepening their research on probiotics.  

Engineered probiotics are, in essence, designer bacteria. Scientists tweak and modify a naturally occurring probiotic in a lab for a specific purpose.

In the context of the Harvard study on multiple sclerosis probiotics, researchers used cutting-edge techniques to design a probiotic that produces lactate, a molecule with the potential to act as a brake for our immune system.

It’s basically a custom designed bacteria to suppress autoimmunity in the brain.

Brilliant, right?

Why Treatment Options Have Been So Limited for MS

Because Multiple Sclerosis targets the brain, it makes it especially challenging to treat. The brain has a protective wall, known as the blood-brain barrier, which stops many medicines from entering.

This barrier means that a lot of MS medications don’t act directly on the brain. They typically work by controlling the immune system, given that MS is essentially the immune system attacking itself.

While these treatments offer relief, they might come with side effects or not work as well for everyone. Finding the right treatment can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where cutting-edge research steps in. The recent study from Harvard offers a glimmer of hope. By using probiotics – those beneficial bacteria – they’re exploring a potential new way to treat MS that works in harmony with our bodies, offering a fresh perspective on tackling this condition.

Probiotics May Offer Long Lasting Benefits

What’s equally as fascinating is that these probiotics keep producing beneficial substances right inside our bodies. Think of it like this: instead of a drug that might run out or need lots of doses, these beneficial bacteria (probiotics) just keep working, possibly giving lasting benefits.

The Harvard study suggests a future where medicine isn’t just pills or shots. Instead, it’s about using living things, like bacteria, made just for our needs. This could mean better treatments for long-term illnesses like MS that also work more naturally with our bodies.

When Can We Expect These Probiotics?

When will these engineered probiotics will be available to us? Getting from early animal tests to a market-ready product can often take ten years or more. Disappointing, I know, but I hold hope that Harvard is doing such groundbreaking research. Plus, with new technologies and the urgent need for the treatment, things might move faster.

What About the Probiotics in My Cabinet?

Wondering about the regular probiotics you’ve been taking for your gut? Do they help in any way while we wait for these advanced ones?

Even though they aren’t the same as Harvard’s new discovery, they’re still super important.

Regular probiotics keep our gut healthy, which is great for our overall health and immune system.

This Harvard research shows just how powerful our gut can be, even in dealing with something as tricky as MS. So, while we wait for these fancy new probiotics, keep taking your regular ones. (If you need help selecting your supplements, drop me a note and I’ll send you a copy of my supplement cheat sheet.) They might not be the new superheroes on the block, but they’re doing an essential job for our health. Until we get our hands on the new stuff, looking after our gut is a smart move for all of us.

I’m curious to know, what are your thoughts on the this new study of Multiple Sclerosis probiotics? Please share below!

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