Multiple Sclerosis

Dear Alene, You’re scared, I know.  You’ve known something was off for a while, but now you have the answer. It’s the answer you never wanted.  You have MS.  You’re wondering… what is MS?!? […]
It had been five years since my diagnosis of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis when I got the news that I was pregnant. My body was embarking on yet another journey: multiple sclerosis with pregnancy. I […]
How to Make a Wahls Protocol Easter Basket Want to make an Easter basket this year that will actually support your health and help you stay committed to the Wahls Protocol?  These are my […]
“Don’t get pregnant, it could worsen your symptoms of multiple sclerosis.”  This is the message women received prior to the 1950s.  Now, we’re being told that not only is this not true, but we […]
Good news! Traveling while following the Wahls Protocol and Autoimmune Protocol is possible. Following a therapeutic diet doesn’t mean that you’re confined to your home kitchen. It just requires a little planning before we […]
Forrest Gump described life as a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get. Living with MS is very similar. Waking up with MS each morning… you never know what you’re […]
It’s one of the most popular questions I’ve been getting lately – are the 9 Cups in the Wahls Protocol measured raw or cooked? And what about our international friends who don’t use cups […]
  Run your hand along a fresh herb and you can instantly smell its aroma. Did you know what you’re smelling is the plant’s essential oils? While they may feel like a bit of […]
Milk… it does the body good, right? If you’re talking about the milk from your own species yes. A woman’s breast milk for a baby… yes! The mother’s milk provides the perfect proportion of […]
We’ve been talking a lot about gut health and how to improve it through diet and lifestyle. So, let’s dive a little deeper into the changes that you’re making on your plate. Here’s your […]
  In my pervious post, Which is the Right Diet for Autoimmune Disease, we talked about which is the “right” diet to follow for autoimmune disease. If you didn’t read it, definitely check it […]
  The decision can be overwhelming and confusing. Let’s dive into how to simplify the process so you can start taking action and getting results. Okay, so you want to manage your symptoms through […]

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