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How about we stop living under those labels and instead crown ourselves MSIndependent? (Picture that sash, wouldya?)

This is a fierce squad of women ready to find themselves amidst this disease instead of being defined by it.

It’s an uprising of wellness + chronic inspiration,

A riotous support system with liberation and empowerment as their north stars,

A strong sisterhood about to shake up what they—and the world—know about life with MS.

Renegades who bring levity to heavy conversations and an uproar to silent suffering.

Fighters who refuse not to be seen within their unseen disease.

This is what MS looks like. This….is MSIndependent.

Want in? There’s no initiation, just a warm invitation.

Navigating Multiple Sclerosis in Marriage

First come love, then come marriage, then comes… MS?

There’s no manual for marriage, and there’s certainly not one for marriage and MS. Yet here you and your spouse are. Join Alene and her husband Brian for an honest discussion about navigating the day-to-day symptoms of MS as a couple, discover how they get creative in the kitchen to make delicious meals despite many food restrictions and learn how these foodies navigate restaurants on date nights. Make it a date night and have your spouse join you too!
Date: Thursday, March 11
Time: 6:00 pm EST
Location: Online
Cost: FREE!

Less Pharm More Table™ Meal Planning

Are you constantly wondering what you can eat?

You want to heal but you’re hungry and let’s keep it real – you just don’t want to have to think so much about making the right choices. (Sprinkle in some sugar cravings and you’re ready to just eat whatever is calling your name!) Let’s set you up for success by planning ahead so you’re not having to make decisions at every meal or snack. Learn simple strategies for planning and prepping your healing foods!
Date: Thursday, March 18
Time: 6 pm EST
Location: Online
Cost: FREE!

Less Pharm More Table™ Cooking Class

Pull up a virtual seat in Alene’s kitchen

“…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” — Julia Child This is especially true as you’re learning how to make these new healing foods taste good. Join Alene in her kitchen to learn creative ways to transform your favorite dishes into autoimmune-friendly recipes. You’ll discover your inner chef so you can create news recipes and modify some of your old favorite recipes in your own kitchen.
Date: Thursday, March 25
Time: 6 pm EST
Location: Online
Cost: FREE!

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