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You Have MS…
And You’re Still Going To
Live An Amazing Life.

You Have MS…
And You’re Still Going to Live An Amazing Life.

A step-by-step path to managing your diagnosis, thriving in your body, and reclaiming the life that feels like it was just taken from you.

Thriving with Multiple Sclerosis

Let me show you How... Scroll on!

Yes, I wanT to Thrive with MS!

You May Be Wondering

You May Be Wondering




Will all the what if's and worst case scenarios of this unpredictable, incurable disease happen to you??


Fear + Overwhelm Start to Take Over

Real Talk

You suddenly feel so alone.

How are you going to stop this incurable disease from progressing?

The pressure is mounting to make decisions. 

What little energy you do have is shot from searching for the “right” plan. 

You never imagined that YOU would be dealing with MS.

If feels like your best days are now behind you.

Yes, MS is serious. It's unpredictable and there is no cure.
And all you're seeing are the worst case scenarios.

But as a nutritionist specializing in multiple sclerosis and your fellow MS sister, I'm here to tell you that there's SO much you can do to feel better in your body and achieve your BEST case scenario.

It doesn't have to be this way.

When I was diagnosed with MS in 2016, I was scared.

I did everything I could to keep a smile on my face to reassure everyone around me that I would be fine. But deep down all I wanted was someone to reassure ME that I'm going to be okay. Can you relate?

The overwhelming was crippling too.

From choosing a treatment plan, to making lifestyle changes, to figuring out how to manage symptoms, it felt like an endless stream of information and decisions to process.

It can be hard to know where to start, let alone figure out what plan or approach is best for you. But hear me when I say this, this is not the end of your story. You can reclaim your health and hope for your future. It's possible and I'm here to guide you every step of the way through my MS nutrition coaching program. 

Hi! I'm Alene

Ready to Thrive?

What If...

You had the clarity and confidence to manage MS and this became a new beginning of a healthier, more meaningful life for you?

Ditch the doubt, overwhelm and excuses.

It's Time to

A live, interactive MS nutrition coaching program and online course to manage your diagnosis, thrive in your body, and reclaim your life.

5 Training Modules

Coaching Calls

Simple Recipes

Cooking Demos

Implementation Guide

Private Community

Thriving with MS


Here's What You'll Receive

Let's Break it Down

✓ How to release fear and step into a place of clarity and empowerment.

✓ The steps to healing and thriving with a chronic illness. 

✓ Create your blueprint for a bright future. 

✓ How to take decisive action to create your unique healing protocol.

✓ Understand your diagnosis from a conventional and functional perspective.

✓ Discover who should be on your health care team and how to prep for appointments to feel confident and get the support you need. 

Break Up with Fear

Become an Empowered Patient

Module 1

Module 2

✓ Organize your kitchen to support your health and stock it with must-have staples.

✓ Behind-the-scenes tips on how to save time, money and energy in the kitchen.

✓ Step-by-step cooking demos of simple meals that you (and the family!) will look forward to eating.

Setting Up Your Healing Kitchen

Module 4

✓ Learn the steps to a Restful Night Sleep (with fewer trips to the bathroom!)

✓ Experience simple and effective Stress Management Techniques that you'll actually do.

✓ Discover the Best Exercise Program for YOU!

Design Your Healing Lifestyle

Module 3

✓ How to navigate restaurants, special occasions and travels. 

✓ How to get back on the wagon if you fall off.

✓ The key to implementing sustainable change.  

Thriving Beyond Your Kitchen

Module 5

How It Works

Gain knowledge and tools you need to manage MS + your symptoms, and create a clear plan for healing.

5 Learning Modules

Ask questions, receive feedback, and share experiences with Alene and fellow participants. 

2 NUTRITION Coaching Calls

Stay on track and accountable with a clear roadmap for success including checklists, trackers and more!

Implementation Guide

"Alene helped me to make lifelong changes. She and her nutritious recipes saved my life!"


Found Freedom


The changes in my diet and my life are remarkable and I can't overstate it enough, it has been life changing for me.




real results

A year from now you'll
will have wished you started today....

So let's get  started!

Alene brings so much wisdom, experience, and warmth to every coaching relationship. She's dedicated to providing transformation to each client she works with. Her empathy and expertise never cease to amaze me. If you're building your wellness team, you want her on it!" 

- Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author and wellness leader

"If you're building your wellness team, you want her on it!"

This LIVE MS nutrition coaching experience is like no other online course.

This is YOUR opportunity to get clarity and start taking decisive action to manage your diagnosis and reclaim your life. 

Now you get to take action in a supportive community where we make the process fun!

This isn't just another online course.

You're in the right place.

"Now I show up better for myself, my family & my community."

Getting diagnosed with MS was shocking and overwhelming. I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know what or how to start. Alene helped to set me up on my path. I can honestly say, MS has changed my life for the better. Before I was going through the motions. Now I feel like I have a purpose. I show up better for myself, my family and my community.


Found Healing & Purpose

Yes, It Really Works

"Now I know what to eat & how to cook."

I was so overwhelmed in knowing what to eat to manage MS. Alene helped me to turn this overwhelm into a sense of adventure. Now, I not only know what to eat, but I also know how to plan my meals and how to cook these new foods. I love her cooking shows! 


Turned Overwhelm into adventure

"I often felt totally MS-free!"

After two months of working with Alene, I started to feel steadier, I slept better, I was more mentally alert, and I often felt totally MS-free. Alene gave me invaluable support when I needed it most. I will be forever grateful to her.


Felt Steadier

It’s Time to Create a Plan Because You're Not Done Living!

I know you're automatically thinking that you now have to lower your expectations for yourself and your future because "you have MS."

But right now you have a choice. You can stay stuck in the fear and overwhelm, or you can chose to create you best case scenario. 

I've consolidated everything that I've learned in my own journey as well as coaching thousands of women just like you into this one course. 

Your Invitation

Start Thriving!

Special Bonuses!

Smoothie Challenge

Recordings of the 5-Day Smoothie Challenge with daily demos and recipes.
(Value $197)

Essential OIl Mini Course

On Demand Recordings of the 3-Day Essential Oil Mini Course for Autoimmune Warriors.
(Value $397)

Home Detox Tour

Recordings of my room-by-room tour of my home to learn simple tips and recipes for green living.
(Value $259)

Everything You Need to Set Up YOUR Effective and Sustainable Healing Plan.


Let's Start Thriving!

How can I be sure that I'll get results?

What you put in, is what you get out. To get results, you need to show up with an open mind and a willingness to make changes. If YOU’RE 100% committed to improving your health, so are we. We got your back!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the live coaching calls?

While we strongly encourage you to attend the live sessions, rest assure that they are recorded and available for replay in your membership portal. 

How long will it take to get results?

Every body is unique… as is their healing journey. It’s important not to put a timeline on your results. That said, most people see results within just three months. Let’s focus on giving your body the support it needs, and letting it heal on its time.

I don't have MS, does it still apply?

Yes! The strategies in this course are applicable if you have another autoimmune disease or chronic illness. If fact, it's applicable even if you have good health that you simply want to protect and maintain. All are welcome.

Where can I ask questions?

You have lots of options! You can tap into the collective wealth of knowledge of the community in our private Facebook page. You can ask Alene questions directly on the coaching calls. If you can't attend live, you can submit a question 24 hours in advance and watch the replay.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, this is a one-time payment for the course.  

If not now, When?

Let's Start Thriving!