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Desperately Seeking

You’re determined to play your part in stopping this disease from taking over your life. But with so many diets and recommendations out there, it’s hard to know which is the “right” plan for you… and which one is realistic for you to maintain.

The frustration, fear and doubt builds with each day that passes because you still don’t have a real plan. 

The "Right" Plan

This isn’t a “you” problem, by the way.

This is all too common and there’s really one simple reason why...

Effective nutrition plans go beyond a rigid set of do's and don'ts; they accommodate unique needs and lifestyle. 

In order to create the plan that will get you the best results, it needs to be tailored to you.

You need expert guidance and a customized plan.

Just Imagine

Imagine having an expert guide you in designing YOUR comprehensive nutrition and wellness plan specifically tailored to managing MS.

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Hi! I’m Alene, your fellow MS sister and certified Nutrition Coach. I’m dedicated to helping you create the plan that enables you to achieve your fullest potential while living with Multiple Sclerosis.

"I love her cooking shows!"

Alene helped me turn my overwhelm into a sense of adventure. Now, I know what to eat, how to plan my meals and how to cook these new foods. I love her cooking shows! 


“I made lifelong changes!”

Alene helped me to make lifelong changes. She and her nutritious recipes saved my life.


Expert guidance and personalized strategies to provide a clear path forward, empowering you to revitalize your health and achieve lasting well-being.

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Private Nutrition Coaching for Multiple Sclerosis

Health Revival Roadmap

Health Revival Roadmap


The Health Revival Roadmap is the framework to my three-month private coaching program. This personalized approach is designed to help you reclaim your health, providing the energy and clarity you need to live a fulfilling life while navigating MS. 

Complete a thorough assessment to identify your unique needs, challenges, and goals, forming the foundation for building your personalized plan.

Together, we'll create a custom roadmap of evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, tailored to your unique needs and specific goals.

Create new habits and routines to integrate the personalized strategies into your daily life. 

Maintain your new level of health while getting out and enjoying life. Learn how to navigate travels, restaurants, holidays, and celebrations without compromising your well-being.




Why it works

Is This Program Right For You?

At any stage of your journey.

Multiple Sclerosis

Other autoimmune conditions and chronic illness.

Autoimmune Disease

Prevention and proactive health goals.

Prevention Goals

I currently offer my coaching program for individuals living with…

"Alene set me up on my path"

Alene helped to set me up on my path. Before I was going through the motions. Now I feel like I have a purpose. I show up better for myself, my family and my community.


“I lost 80 lbs working with Alene!”

Alene provides the best options for your personal needs and cares so much about you. You will have nothing but success if you work with Alene. She is your guide to a happier and healthier life.


Yes, It Really Works!

Private Coaching Also Includes:

In addition to this guidance and support, private clients also receive an all access pass during their coaching program to: 

Client portal with recipes, cooking demos and masterclasses.

Recordings to Alene's challenges including: Smoothie Challenge, Managing Fatigue with MS and the Essential Oils Mini Course.

Downloadable wellness planner, checklists, trackers and guides.

Are you ready for YOUR transformation?

Each month I only accept three new clients. 

To ensure we're the right fit to work together, I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Then we can schedule a consultation to dive deeper into your goals and challenges, and address any questions you may have about the program.

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Hey there!

I'm Alene, your MS Sister!

When I was diagnosed with MS in 2016, I was scared and overwhelmed. But as a Nutrition Coach, I knew there was more to healing than what I was being told. I took action and within six months the lesions I had on my brain shrunk and went inactive. Now, seven years later there has been no new lesions and no new activity.

Now as a nutritionist specializing in multiple sclerosis, I help women just like you, take back control of their health and their future.

As a certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Natural Food Chef, Yoga Instructor and High Performance Coach, I'm ready to help you achieve your own health transformation. The time to start is now!

"It has been life changing!"

The changes in my diet and my life are remarkable and I can't overstate it enough, it has been life changing for me.


“I often felt totally MS-free!”

After two months of working with Alene, I started to feel steadier, I slept better, I was more mentally alert, and I often felt totally MS-free. Alene gave me invaluable support when I needed it most. 


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